RADARCTF2019 — Misc(+Programming) Writeup

hsb pride ❤


Can you find what is hidden inside the photo ?



We took it from the ocean and we don’t know what is file include !

Mon’s Notes: I had so much fun with this challenge, due to its creativity 😂


Stephen love to hide some secrets ;)

Stephen love to hide some secrets ;) 
1. Stephen
2. Hawking
3. love
4. hide
5. secrets
6. hawking
7. stephen
8. stephenhawking
9. etc.

Mon’s Notes: May you rest in peace, Dr. Hawking. I felt compelled to solve this challenge just because it had your name and face on it, as you will always be one of my greatest role models.


zip2john EasyZip.zip | cut -d ':' -f 2 > easyzip_hash



Unzip me and get your flag

As mentioned earlier, CM 99 is unsupported by unzip

Mon’s Notes: Now I kinda feel bad for our crackstation for using it without even trying some passwords haha

yes or yes? yes!

Bonus: Scattered1

Mon’s Notes: This programming problem is definitely one of the most fun challenges I’ve ever encountered.

A lot of scattered pictures , do you think they give you a secret ?

#Script Name: resizer.py
#Description: Resizes images to 150x150
#made with <3 by mon from the hackstreetboys
import cv2

for i in range(1, 577):
im_path = './' + str(i) + '.jpg'
img = cv2.imread(im_path)

cropped = img[0:150, 0:150]

cv2.imwrite('./cropped/' + str(i) + '.jpg', cropped)
left, before, right: after
#Script Name: ocra.py
#Description: Performs OCR on multiple images and prints the result
#made with <3 by mon from the hackstreetboys
from PIL import Image
import pytesseract

for i in range(1, 577):
img = str(i) + '.jpg'
text = pytesseract.image_to_string(Image.open(img), config='--psm 10')
print (text)



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